Contact us 24 hours, 7 days a week for Roadside Assistance: 1800-88-8663

Insure your Renault via TC Insurance Business Stream (TCIBS), and we’ve got you covered. Enjoy great benefits with a host of panel insurers to meet your needs, namely: Alliance General Insurance, AXA Affin General Insurance, Liberty Insurance and Progressive Insurance.

Benefits of insuring with us:

Vehicle Breakdown & On-Spot Repair

  • 24 hours vehicle breakdown towing assistance
  • FREE labour cost for minor on-the-spot roadside repairs**

Accident and Extended Towing

  • FREE towing service* in the event of breakdown
  • Towing service from Thailand, Singapore & Brunei to closes authorised Renault Service Centre
  • Arrangement of vehicle repatriation

Car Replacement Aid

  • Entitlement of RM150 per day - up to maximum 3 days for the repair period which recommended by loss adjusters

Renault Genuine Spare Parts

  • 12 months / unlimited mileage warranty

Key Care Cover

  • Reimbursment up to RM1,500 to cover the loss or damage to car key

All Drivers Covers

  • Policy excess of RM400 waived for drivers who are unnamed in the policy
  • Not applicable for drivers under age 21 years old or holding a Provisional / Learner driving license

Flood Relief Aid

  • Renault vehicle damage due to flood will be reimburse up to RM1,500

Window Snatch Theft

  • Compensation up to RM500 for the loss of possessions placed in car in event windscreen or window is broken

Additional Cash Payout

  • In event of total loss or theft, members will receive additional cash of 20% of the sum insured or a maximum of RM3,000

    * FREE towing assistance is up to RM400 per event to nearest Renault Service Centre from incident location
    ** Free labour cost minor on-the-spot repairs (e.g. jump start, change battery, change tyre, refuel petrol etc.) is up to 2 hours per event.
    All benefits applicable for 1 year from the renewal of Renault Insurance at any Renault Showroom.

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What to do in an emergency?

Call RENCARE Call Centre at
toll-free 1800-88-8663 (24hrs / 7days)
Inform RENCARE your name,
car registration number, model,
location and assistance required
Person seeking assistance
must be present at the breakdown site